Dear Church,

This week’s midweek devotional comes to you in the form of a Christmas poem.  I hope you enjoy it.  Please pray for the Children’s Pageant and for the Christmas Eve Service. Invite a friend. Have a blessed week and we will see you on Sunday.

Love in Christ,

Pastor Dale



I Heard Healing in the Babe’s Cry


The night was deep and rich in wonder

An angel approached, cloaked in grandeur

All ‘round the Eternal was crashing

Thunder roaring and lightning flashing,

I, by this Presence, split asunder.


Louder yet louder grew trumpet sound

And I, in fear, lay trembling aground

Then the herald sent by Being pure,

Spoke, and with these words did assure

That a wondrous joy would soon abound:


For in Bethlehem, King David’s town

Is born a babe who wears promised crown,

A king, a ruler, the Anointed one,

Your holy Savior, God’s only Son

The One from above has come down.


“And this shall be a sign unto you

To attest that this event is true

You will find the babe at rest a manger

In a world, where this Word’s a stranger

Being worshipped by God’s chosen few.”


After the angel’s sign was given

There came singing the Host of Heaven,

“Glory be to God in the highest,

Peace to the men He chooses to bless!”

Then to Bethlehem we were driven.


We made haste; discovered the stable

No bed was there, nor chair, nor table

But I saw Him there, held by Mary

Bowing my knees, I did not tarry,

But offered all as I was able.


Then from the Child came a sigh divine

Weighted with mercy, lovingly kind,

Tears from my soul welled up in my eye

For I’d heard healing in the babe’s cry

And heaven’s peace, was given to find.


By Dale Smith (Luke 2:8-20)