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The Road Church

An intimate community with a BIG GOD

The Road is a church. What we mean by "church" is not an organization or a building. When we say "church" we mean a gathering of people who all affirm each other's profession of faith in Jesus Christ as both the Lord of the universe and savior of all who trust in Him. We are a gathering. That means that gathering is central to who we are. We affirm each other's profession. That means that we are responsible as a body of believers for each other, and we have a "no man left behind" policy. We help each other when we have need.
Our corporate profession is that Jesus Christ is Lord of the universe. That means that we strive to trust Jesus' word in every area of life, and we hold one another accountable by doing life together as a community.

We are eager to welcome you into this community!

Dr. Dale Smith

Senior Pastor of The Road

The Road Church gathers for Lord’s Day Worship Gathering in our facility @

4108 S. Buckner Tarsney Rd.

Grain Valley, MO 64029


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“The church exists to glorify God by worshipping Him, by loving the family of God, and by serving the larger community.”

Dale Smith – Senior  Pastor

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