• The Road desires to spread our love for Jesus to people all around the globe.

     The Road reaches out to the world beyond our borders through short-term trips and by supporting partners who live and work around the world for the cause of Christ.

Years ago, God began stirring many hearts at The Road for the people of Africa.

After research and prayerful discussion, in 2010 a small group from that original focus group was charged to go to Uganda, Africa with Empower-A-Child for a two-fold purpose:

  1. To share Christ with the people of Africa

  1. To discern the Lord’s will regarding further, long-lasting relationships between Africa and The Road

Kitiibwa Ministries

Stephen and Cassie Okurut and their daughter are a family on mission working within a slum community in Kampala, Uganda. They are committed to share the gospel with children in both word and deed by partnering with local schools, facilitating a sponsorship program, and engaging youth in a weekend soccer ministry. Please pray for God to use their efforts to implant the gospel message in the hearts of many children and that the Holy Spirit will cause many to be born again as a result.

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Dr. Todd and Pam Price – Kirsten, Ariela, Daniel, Matthew

Budapest, Hungary

Roma (Gypsy) Bible translation in Eastern Europe

With Pioneers | Account 110250 | PIONEERS.ORG/GIVE

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Keith and Kim Bubalo

Keith and Kim are the Global Strategy Coordinators for the Jesus Film. They have been asked to research, identify, and develop a strategy that will be the most direct path possible to seeing 5 million new churches planted in the developing world each responsible to share the gospel with 1000 people. This would result in a church within reach of the 5 billion people who do not know Jesus.

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 Pray for our partners working to spread the Gospel among international students at Duke University. This team is sent by CRU and is working on the BRIDGES Team on the Duke University campus in North Carolina.


Pray for our partners working to spread the Gospel in very sensitive areas of East Africa. Pray that they would be a light in the darkness, that God will make His name great within their nation, and that their home would be a refuge of peace and hospitality for all who enter.

June 3-18, 2011-Five adults traveled to Kampala, Uganda, to train teachers, to assist in building a well in Zirobwe, and to minister in orphanages and hospitals.


July 11-27, 2012- A team of 16 members traveled to Kampala to help the growing church planted in the village of Zirobwe, Uganda. They also participated in educational and empowerment programs with children.


2013 – One member, along with a friend, traveled to Uganda. They supervised the building of a house for one of the village members, funded by our members, and helped with other empowerment projects in the school and within Empower A Child’s local structure.


October, 2014 – Two members traveled to Uganda. Some of the planned projects were pouring a new concrete floor for a local pastor as well as bringing Bibles and other Christian resources along with money to purchase goats for the local residents.


October, 2016 – One member traveled to Uganda for six weeks. While there, she was able to facilitate the funds from our members to provide school fees for multiple village children and provide more than 40 children with a once in a lifetime trip to the city. While in the city, they children were able to see numerous job opportunities and even tour three factories and then took a boat ride down the Nile, for an educational trip.