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We gather every Sunday morning.

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Where We Gather

4108 S Buckner Tarsney Rd. | Grain Valley, MO 64029


When We Gather

Our Sunday School classes begin at 9:30 a.m.

Our Worship Gathering begins at 10:30 a.m.

Here are a few things that you might find helpful for your visit.

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Worship. Love. Serve.

This is our Vision Statement. We have a vision of life together as a local expression of the Body of Jesus Christ. (“The Body” is a biblical term for all of the people who belong to Christ by faith.)
Our vision consists of:

Worship —

We worship our God and Savior Jesus the Nazarene, the Christ. We believe that it is an imperative part of our lives as followers of Jesus that we come together in focused worship and adoration of the triune God of the universe. We express our hope in Him through singing songs based on the Bible, praying prayers based on the Bible, reading the Bible, and preaching sermons from the Bible.

Love —

The Bible says, “By this, all people will know that you are my disciples if you have love for one another.” (John. 13:35)
We seek to obey the Bible by loving one another well. This means knowing one another in real relationships. This means asking real questions that get to the heart. This means calling one another to live by faith in the Son of God by obeying all that he has commanded us. We want to love one another well.

Serve —

We see a consistent prophetic focus throughout the Bible on serving the poor and outcast. We desire to live this out together and in our individual lives. We want to make it a priority for our Small Groups to spend intentional time serving the underserved in our communities together. We believe that the most important need that we should serve is the need that every individual has for a right relationship with Jesus Christ through the gospel. (The gospel is the good news that Jesus of Nazareth was God the Son in human flesh who died for our sake to reconcile us to God.) So, we try to make it a priority to speak about the gospel with friends and neighbors so that they can have a relationship with the triune God that we worship.

Sunday School

Children’s Sunday School classes begin at 9:30 a.m. This class includes children from kindergarten through 5th Grade. Our teachers are utilizing a children’s curriculum from New City Catechism.

Sunday School Nursery

The Road hosts both a Sunday School Nursery and a Worship Service Nursery for children up to Pre-K. During their stay in the Nursery, we are committed to praying for the children, speaking biblical truth over them, and, if they are able, working on a short memory verse with them.

During our worship service

All children are encouraged to attend and participate in our worship gathering. We strongly believe that children learn to worship God by watching their parents worship. We also offer a nursery for children from birth to age four. However, we trust your judgment Mom and Dad. If you have a five or six-year-old that needs to be in the Worship Service Nursery, we will gladly welcome your child.
Special Note: We have a Mothers’ Room for moms with babies. If you enter the Worship Center through the east set of doors, the door to the Mothers’ Room is on your right. It has some rocking chairs and offers a quiet, private place for mom and baby when needed.


Parents are encouraged to drop children off for Sunday School by 9:20 a.m. so they have time to get settled before class begins.
When registering your child for the first time, we will ask for a mobile phone number and an email address. This will allow caregivers to contact parents in case of emergency.
For the safety of your children, everyone who works with children has submitted to a nationwide criminal and sex offender background check. Also, adults will not allow themselves to be alone with a child that is not their own. That is why you will always see a team of at least two adults in the Nursery, and children’s Sunday School. We take children’s safety seriously.


The Road has a Youth Sunday School that meets at 9:30 a.m. in the classroom across from the Nursery/Children’s area. The Youth are currently going through the New City Catechismtogether.


The Road has an Adult Sunday School that begins at 9:30 a.m. in our main worship space. In the adult class, we study the Bible in a conversational style class that covers many biblical topics.

The Corporate Worship Gathering

We all gather together in order to worship our God and Savior Jesus Christ. We encourage families to worship together. We believe that one of the best ways for children to learn to worship Jesus is to see Mom and Dad engaged in worship of our God.

Worship Service Nursery

The Road hosts a nursery for little ones. We leave it to each family to decide what age is appropriate for each child to join the family in the main worship gathering. While we do have a general guideline that 5yr olds graduate to worship with the family, we will not turn 5yr olds away from joining the little ones in the nursery.

Our worship style

The Road believes that every aspect of our worship gathering is part of our worship. We want to be intentional in worshiping God together throughout the service. Worship is not confined to singing or praying or preaching. Rather, every element of our time together is intentionally planned and part of our corporate worship of Jesus.
The Road desires to be led by the Spirit in our worship. Our musical style is mostly contemporary with the occasional inclusion of a classic hymn. The instrumentalists and vocalists are committed to praising God with all their hearts.
We want individual worshipers to feel the freedom to utilize whatever posture of worship they feel led to. Whether that is sitting, kneeling, standing, raising your hands, or shouting Hallelujah, we want you to praise God with your whole mind, heart, and strength.
We favor expository, verse-by-verse, preaching through the Word of God. Our focus is to declare the message that both the human authors and the Divine Author intended so that the Word comes to life in us by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Hi there! I am Charles Ackmann, Associate Pastor of The Road.
I am thankful for you. I don’t know if you are considering a visit to our Sunday morning worship service, or are just looking around our website, but I want you to know that I have been praying for you. I know that the Creator of the universe has caused our paths to cross. I know that Jesus died on a cross two-thousand years ago so that you can be saved, and I want to invite you to come and explore God’s riches in mercy that he gave to us when he gave us Jesus Christ.
Here at The Road, we are all about building intentional relationships around the Good News that Jesus is the resurrected and reigning Lord. These relationships are for going deep with God and with each other. We make space for these relationships in our Small Group Ministry. This is when we gather in our homes for what the puritans called “Conference”. What is Conference? I’m glad you asked! Our preaching pastor, Pastor Dale Smith, has written a blog post about it here. We would love to have you join one of our Small Groups in order to help us practice conference.
So, please come and join us for a worship service! We would love to get to know you. Perhaps The Lord would have you stay and become a part of what He is doing among us.
In Christ Alone,
Pastor Charles Ackmann

Our Address:

The Road
4108 S. Buckner Tarsney Rd
Grain Valley, MO 64029