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Bare Tree and Little Wind

Dear church family,

This week and the next, we will feature and briefly present two books. Why present books to the church family? There are many, many reasons to focus occasionally on books: 1) Books are not screens. Books are made of paper. Books resist swiping; 2) Books don’t have batteries and will work during an extended power outage; 3) Many children’s books open nicely and may be held by both the child and a friend, parent, or grandparent, fun! 4) Books may be given and loaned with much greater ease than say, loaning someone your iPhone. Can you think of a reason why books are great?

This week’s book will delight both children and adults. It is Bare Tree and Little Wind by Mitali Perkins. The text is thoughtful and insightful. It is a special retelling of the story of holy week through the eyes of a bare palm tree and a little wisp of wind. The illustrations are exceptional. 

Here is a summary of the story:

This picture book, beautifully illustrated by Khoa Le, is set in Jerusalem during a turbulent week that came to be known as Holy. Little Wind and the trees of Jerusalem can’t wait for Real King to visit, but Little Wind is puzzled when the Quiet Man who comes isn’t what he expected. His wise friend Bare Tree helps him learn that sometimes strength is found in sacrifice, and new life can spring up even when hope seems lost. (From the website)

One reviewer writes, “Bare Tree and Little Wind is marvelous. Unlike any Easter book I’ve read, it has a timeless folktale quality. And yet, this is a true story: the Real King did come, die on a cross, and rise from the dead. And… He is returning! The story isn’t over. Childlike illustrations creatively depict events from Scripture alongside verses like Isaiah 55:12 and Psalm 104:4, and the cover is simply stunning in person … highly recommended and worth adding to your Easter storybook collection.”

Next week, we will look at a devotional work based on the writing of Charles H. Spurgeon (1834-1892). Have a blessed week and D. V. (Lord willing) we will see you on Sunday.

Privileged to serve,

Pastor Dale