By: Charles Ackmann

A word from the pastors about our May 17th gathering
May 16, 2020

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Pastors’ Roundtable 8
May 10, 2020

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Pastors’ Roundtable 7
May 3, 2020

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Pastors’ Roundtable 6
April 26, 2020

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Pastors’ Roundtable 5
April 19, 2020

What does God want us to learn from Coronavirus? Read More
Easter Pastors’ Roundtable
April 12, 2020

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Pastors’ Roundtable 3
April 5, 2020

Links mentioned in this episode: Samuel Shaw – Welcome to the Plague Don Whitney – How do you do family…

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Pastors’ Roundtable 2
March 29, 2020

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Pastor’s Roundtable
March 22, 2020

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2020 Bible Resources
January 1, 2020

Last Sunday, the sermon was on 2 Timothy 3:14-17. It is strategic that we focus on reading our Bibles on the…

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Imprecatory Psalms II
November 14, 2019

“Arise, O LORD, in your anger; lift yourself up against the fury of my enemies; awake for me; you have appointed…

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Imprecatory Psalms
October 31, 2019

“Oh that you would slay the wicked, O God! O men of blood, depart from me! They speak against you with…

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Once Saved, Always Saved?
October 16, 2019

“Assurance encourages us in our combat; it delivers us not from it. We may have peace with God when we have…

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The Ministry of Conference—Where do I go for assurance?
May 30, 2019

“Reason’s arm is too short to reach the jewel of assurance.”  –Thomas Brooks      When someone speaks of assurance, generally, what…

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Critical security alert
April 17, 2019

Sign-in attempt was blocked Someone just used your password to try to sign in to your account. Google blocked them,…

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