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Pray for the Afghani Church

“Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated, since you also are in the body.” (Heb 13:3)

Dear Church Family,

Maybe you have seen in the news lately that there is a crisis going on in Afganistan right now. After the U.S. forces were removed, Taliban forces have quickly retaken the entire country.

As a part of the global church, I want to call upon you, my local church family, to pray for our Afghani brothers and sisters in Christ who are now in harm’s way. Here are a few specific ways that you can be praying for them along with western workers who have stayed behind:

1. Pray for faithfulness. Pray that God will grant Christ-followers in Afganistan the strength to remain steadfast in their gospel hope in the face of persecution and death. Remember that this world is not our home. Faithfulness to Jesus Christ is infinitely more important than physical safety for those who follow Jesus.

2. Pray for fruitfulness in mission. Pray that God will grant Christ-followers in Afganistan much boldness and fruitfulness as they seek to evangelize those who would seek to do them harm. Pray that God will use Afghanis to reach Afghanis during this painful time for the church there. Remember that over and over throughout history God has used great persecution to accomplish great gains for the Kingdom of God.

3. Pray for protection. Pray that God will spare his people from all unnecessary suffering. Pray that God will supernaturally protect his people in Afganistan in the days, months, and years to come. As Christians, we care about all suffering, especially eternal suffering.

4. Pray for the Taliban. First, pray that God would bring great numbers of Taliban fighters to faith in Jesus Christ. Then pray that God will frustrate any evil plans that are in the minds of Taliban leaders. Pray that God will bring justice to those who do evil either through the suffering of Jesus Christ on the cross (they are converted to trust in Christ) or through divine justice on those who persist in their unbelief.

Standing with you in prayer.

In Christ Alone,
Pastor Charles