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Prayer-Announcements, Acronyms, and Assistance-Oh my!

“To pray is to let Jesus glorify himself in the midst of our needs.” –O. Hallesby

Dear church family,

Let’s begin with a “thank you.” Thank you for all the wonderful cards and gifts that Charles and I received during Pastor Appreciation Month. Wow! It is such a blessing to call The Road our church family. Thank you especially for the personal words of encouragement that were written on the cards. Your encouragement refreshes us and causes us to rejoice even more in the Lord Jesus. Thank you.

As most of you know, we are in a season of prayer during the month of November. Beyond signing up and committing for a certain day, we will also have a prayer meeting on Wednesday, November 9th at 7 PM at Jim and Angela’s house. The meeting will consist of a very short devotional and then getting right down to prayer, REAP prayer. What is REAP prayer? Come to the meeting and find out. 

The month of November is a time to focus on a Psalm and on praying over that psalm. Psalm 61 is the psalm for this year’s season of prayer. Here is the handout that was distributed last Sunday:

Throughout the month, but particularly on the day/s you signed up, please focus on and pray for the following:

  • That the Lord would enlarge your own understanding of who He is and do the same for our church family.
  • That the Lord would lead our often-overwhelmed hearts into a deeper experience of the provision of his sheltering grace (profoundly centered in Jesus Christ).
  • That the petitions and promises of Psalm 61 would be realized in our own lives: 1) to confess our need to be led (v.2); 2) to seek renewed fellowship with the Lord (v.4); 3) to be a people who “ever sing praises” to him. 
  • That the Lord would send our church family into a season of extended revival which would result in a multi-generational impact.
  • That the new facility would be completed soon.

During this season of prayer, I noted the following answer to prayer: 

Please sign up for the season of prayer if you have not yet. The signups are readily available at The Cotillion. Have a blessed week and we will see you on Sunday. D. V.

Love in Christ,
Pastor Dale