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The Necessity of Preaching and Hearing
March 31, 2021

“Preach one Christ, by Christ, to the praise of Christ.” –William Perkins   Jesus described his ministry as one of service,…

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What makes life Life?
March 24, 2021

“Life is an excellency added to being.” –Thomas Goodwin If you could ask God for anything at all, what would it…

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The Power of Friendship, Part Two
March 17, 2021

“The best mirror is an old friend.” –George Herbert Amid increasing anxiety and approaching suffering, Jesus called his disciples by a…

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The Spiritual Benefit of Friendship
March 11, 2021

“Godly friends are walking sermons.” –Richard Sibbes Do you desire to be strengthened in your Christian walk? Do you want to…

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Psalm 20—From Deceiver to Believer
February 18, 2021

“Where reason cannot wade there faith may swim.” –Thomas Watson The psalmist leads the people in their invocation of a blessing…

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Our Preference for Team Preaching, Plus Meaningful Meditation
February 4, 2021

Dear church family, I cannot begin to tell you what a joy and source of comfort it is to me to…

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Prepared, Passionate, Prayer
January 28, 2021

Dear church family, I am doing a lot of reading on prayer. A lot. Mucho reading. That’s Spanish for, you guessed…

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Four Witnesses
January 21, 2021

“And though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him—a threefold cord is not quickly broken.”…

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December 31, 2020

What is a paradigm? The dictionary definition is helpful. par·a·digm /ˈperəˌdīm/ noun: paradigm; plural noun: paradigms 1. a typical example or…

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Psalm 18—Are you afraid of the heights?
November 13, 2020

“Faith deals with invisibles, but God hates that love which is invisible.” –Thomas Watson       The praises of the saints captured…

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Sanctification—A Lifelong Process
October 29, 2020

“Good men will always be discovering themselves.”  –Thomas Manton      “Christians, don’t despise your wet wings.” Charles shared this unusual sentence during…

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Psalm 17—The Facts of Fellowship
October 8, 2020

“It is rashness to search, godliness to believe, safeness to preach, and eternal blessedness to know the Trinity.” –Thomas Adams     …

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September 24, 2020

BC is an abbreviation for Before Christ, the significance of that phrase is, I hope, patently obvious. AD is an abbreviation…

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Psalm 16—Jesus, Joy of Man’s Desiring
August 13, 2020

 “For the most part we live upon successes, not promises: unless we see and feel the print of victories, we will…

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Psalm 11—The LORD, our Righteous Refuge
April 30, 2020

“His will is the rule of righteousness and righteousness is the rule of his will.” –Elisha Coles       “In the LORD I take…

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